Tecnotree’s share-based employee incentive program – Directed share issue

The Board of Directors of Tecnotree Plc has on August 11th 2020 decided on a directed share issue, by authorization of the General Meeting of Shareholders on May 15th 2019 for the purpose of implementation of the incentive and commitment program directed to the key personnel of the Group.

In the share issue, Tecnotree Plc has on August 31st 2020 transferred without consideration a total of 1,817,501 of the company's own shares to the key employees participating in the program in accordance with the terms and conditions of the program. More detailed information about launch the terms and conditions of the program is available in a stock exchange release published on 31 October 2019.

Following the transfer, Tecnotree Plc holds a total of 10,941,667 of its own shares.