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Tecnotree Corporation Press Release 08 May 2024

Espoo, Finland: Tecnotree, a global digital platform and services leader for AI, 5G, and cloud-native technologies, announced its partnership with people+ai, an initiative of the non-profit EkStep Foundation, on joining the Open Cloud Compute (OCC) project.

OCC comprises of an interconnected network of micro data centers, and based on this model India requires approximately 10,000 micro data centers to bolster its compute power infrastructure. The network would bring compute capabilities closer to the end users, enabling faster processing, lower latency, and stronger data sovereignty. Tecnotree is partnering with the OCC initiative for shaping the future of AI in India, by implementing an API abstraction layer aligned with telecom standards. The collaboration aims to build a one-stop shop for AI, Cloud, and 5G services, offering a comprehensive solution to meet evolving industry needs.

The partnership aims to enhance India’s compute ecosystem by creating a network of providers offering accessible and customized compute resources. The platform shares a collective vision of bringing ecosystems together across the world, for the future common standards and capabilities for AI, Cloud Infrastructure, Sustainability, Trusted AI, Cloud Compute, and SDNs.

In addition to Tecnotree, various other technology providers are collaborating to meet increasing compute requirements. Other companies participating include industry stalwarts such as Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Oracle, Dell Technologies, Tata Communications, IBM, and more. These partner organisations will act as providers in this compute stack or customers who have a growing need for compute.

Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani who co-founded EkStep Foundation held a closed-door session with representatives of more than 20 organisations on doing the groundwork to create a compute ecosystem in India, importantly for the creation of a single and open interface for providers and customers of computing infrastructure.

Nilekani said, “India’s approach to building technology at scale is unique. We have successfully unbundled the building blocks to create population-scale digital public infrastructure for identity, payments, and education. We see that India’s ideas for technology are being recognised globally. I believe it is now time to rebundle and make AI work to empower every individual and identify AI use cases unique to India. AI will help reduce barriers and personalise at scale.”

Tanvi Lall, director of strategy, people+ai, EkStep Foundation, said, “Just like energy sources, compute resources come in diverse forms. Over the next few years, demand for compute will go up due to increased digitalisation and AI, and the global cloud compute market is expected to triple in size. Through OCC, we are taking a digital public infrastructure approach to unlocking access to compute at scale."

Prianca Ravichander, Tecnotree CMO and Head of B2B2X Monetisation, said, “This initiative by OCC not only enhances India’s compute ecosystem sustainably but also fosters global collaboration in establishing common connectivity and standards for AI and Trust that help link Discoverability with Provisioning at scale with Cloud Infrastructure. Together with other industry leaders we are dedicated to meeting the growing compute requirements in a sustainable wat. Tecnotree is partnering with OCC to make this initiative a reality to foster Marketplace experiences around intelligently connected products in the realms of Healthcare, Transport, Media Entertainment and Financial Services through our Tecnotree Moments B2B2X monetisation platform.

We are dedicated to enabling the benefits of Cloud and AI through our digital products and services for telecom operators worldwide. We aim to drive forward AI and Cloud standardization globally, laying the groundwork for a more cohesive ecosystem. Together, we are laying the foundations that are not only technologically advanced but also inclusive and sustainable, propelling us towards a digitally inclusive future”.

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Prianca Ravichander, CMO


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