The principal purpose of auditing is to verify that the financial statements provide correct and sufficient information on the company’s result and financial position. In addition, the auditor verifies the legality of the company’s administration.

The auditor is appointed annually in the Annual General Meeting for a term ending at the end of the following Annual General Meeting. A proposal of the auditor made by the Board of Directors or any shareholder holding at least 10% of the voting rights shall be published in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting, provided that the candidate has given his or her consent to be appointed and that the company has been informed of the proposal sufficiently early for it to be included in the invitation. If the auditor candidate is not known by the Board of Directors at the time of submitting the invitation, the name of the candidate, who has been presented in this manner, shall be published separately.

Tecnotree's auditor in the financial year 2020 was Tietotili Audit Oy, and the principal auditor was Urpo Salo, Authorised Public Accountant.

The auditors' fees paid by Tecnotree Group for 2020 totalled EUR 141 thousand.