Tecnotree Signs Deal To Migrate
15 Million Customers Into a
Virtual Charging System in LATAM

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Tecnotree, a global provider of business support systems for the telecom industry, has signed a new digital transformation agreement with a large telecom operator in Latin America to revolutionize its charging systems.

The deal, which spans six countries across the region, will migrate over 15 million mobile users across central and southern Latin America to a cloud-based charging system. This project sets the foundations to handle IoT and 5G charging, as well as current LTE and more traditional 3G systems. This new OCS will significantly accelerate digital transformation in this region, whilst also embedding the latest technology, architecture and functionalities.

Armando Martinez, VP of Latin America at Tecnotree, says: “We are delighted to be supplying this new virtual charging solution. The world is becoming increasingly digital, with the past year driving digital transformation within the telecommunications sector even more to the forefront. As 5G and IoT set to become even more prevalent across the region, we are delighted to bring new systems that will allow providers to monetise this new environment properly.”

A micro-service system, the new infrastructure will offer a marked reduction in operational expenditure, as well as increased optimization, efficiency, and productivity by creating new scalability options and faster provisioning of new applications and resources. This means that adjustments for increased capacity demands do not require additional or different hardware. Business continuity is significantly improved by better disaster recovery options.

Padma Ravichander, CEO
tel. +97 156 414 1420


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