First BSS vendor in the World to be Certified for Real-World Open API Implementation and Top application provider for certified eTOM business process

Tecnotree is a 5G-ready digital Business Support System (BSS) player, with AI/ML capabilities, comprising of a full range of business processes with a product catalogue driven customer engagement of digital journeys, and microservices that support customer lifecycle and revenue management. Tecnotree is known for its complete range of CM&X (Customer Management and Experience) solutions, DiWa Fintech platform, and for its multi-experience B2B2X ecosystem marketplace platform called Tecnotree Moments.

Tecnotree is one of the pioneering companies worldwide to be diamond certified by TM Forum for conformance to its Open API standards, and was the first vendor to certify real-world deployment of Open APIs providing customers with differentiated products and service offerings built on TM Forum’s Open API, Open Digital Architecture (ODA) compliant, microservices driven architecture standards. Tecnotree has also achieved official conformance and certification for TM Forum's Business Process Framework (eTOM), for Partner Relationship and Provisioning Systems.

With over 59 TM Forum Open APIs deployed for customer management, product and order management, partner management, rating & charging, billing, and ecosystem management, Tecnotree helps in providing a complete digital transformation as well as specific transformation related to customer experience and management.

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