How Digital Transformation Is Creating Value for the B2B Ecosystem

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for digital transformation. Expectations of Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have also increased in terms of zero-touch deployments, higher bandwidth, and increased speed and agility. These expectations are enabling organizations to radically change the way they operate. This change that enterprises need to make, brings the focus on creating a digital transformation strategy.

Primary Market Drivers for Telcos in Digital Transformation


Source: Tecnotree Market Study*

The Enterprise Playbook: Fuelling growth with a digitally connected ecosystem 

Enablers and services driving enterprise transformation  

Technology enablers when holistically present within enterprise values will provide organizations with an opportunity to drive business benefits, along with creating sustainable digital innovation. Enterprise services such as dedicated internet, web hosting, enterprise WiFi, Fleet management, and Smart metering, along with business enablers like Sales, lead, and project management contracts, enterprise wallet, and flexible charging and billing models can increase the speed and agility of an enterprise, accelerate time to revenue, enhance CX, and reduce cost.

Digital Ecosystem: Tecnotree Moments for enterprises envisions an ecosystem of Digital Enablers as a microservices enabled platform that results in a one stop shop solution to accelerate innovation, enablement, and growth of B2B (Business to Business) ecosystem. It empowers enterprise customers (Large, MSMEs (Micro, Small, Medium)) to fast-track digital transformation, bring the business online and explore new growth opportunities.

Moments B2B Value Proposition

Partner Ecosystem: Tecnotree MOMENTS solution provides enhanced B2B2X Marketplace and Partner management eco-system empowering Telco’s to onboard pre-existing partner offerings across global sectors such as Sports, Gaming Travel and Leisure, Entertainment, Healthcare and Wellness, Education, Fintech and IoT

Priority Business Verticals for CSPs


Source: Tecnotree Market Study*

Enterprise transformation expectation by personas

To exceed customer expectations, organizations need to discard their broad, one-size-fits-all selling approach. They need to level up and to do so need to have a better understanding of different client personas. Here we cover four unique personas which can give a specific direction to improving selling efforts. These personas give an idea about who the customers are and allow CSPs to speak to these enterprise customers in a language relatable to them. Here are some of the important ones:


Enterprise play in a digitally connected ecosystem

From application to enterprise integration, organizations need an open API strategy to become successful. A good integration can affect an organization’s profit margins significantly. That’s how critical a secure exchange of data or Open API framework is for your organization.

When a digital ecosystem is integrated, it lets organizations maximize the benefits of new and legacy technologies. Automated processes can be built around them enabling business growth.

Introduction of 5G technology has opened up several new business opportunities for communication service providers (CSPs). It provides them with a great opportunity to enhance their position in several revenue streams and industry verticals.

BSS (Business Support Systems) is one of the best ways to optimize 5G monetization. They offer products and solutions to examine current revenue streams as well assist in forecasting new ROI opportunities. A successful transition will need BSS that are evolved to fit the 5G economy. To successfully capitalize 5G, BSS should be able to support new business models and handle complex ecosystems, which also requires a high degree of automation.

Flexible deployment, easy integration, and scalability are the key

Applications under a microservices based architecture and cloud native applications should be easily deployed without requiring a lot of support from IT functions. They should provide open interfaces that can be easily integrated with internal systems, along with seamless upgrades required for real-time operations.

It remains to be seen how 5G reinvents the Telecom sector. However, telecom operators should ensure they create the right environment through monetization systems that enable innovation and flexibility.


*Tecnotree Market Study:

Over 200 CSP C Level executives participated in the TM Forum Digital Leadership Summit on the importance of a digitally connected ecosystem for enterprise digital transformation. A poll was conducted to choose the primary business drivers for partnering with enterprises, where (53%) of respondents cited increasing revenue as the main driver, followed by improving agility (31%), and reducing operational cost (16%).

The second poll was aimed at prioritizing business verticals that CSPs are focussing on beyond connectivity where 70% of respondents looked at entertainment sports and gaming as the first priority, followed by 56% who recognized healthcare and automotive as the secondary priority, and 52% who categorized education as the tertiary priority.

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