5G, IoT and the Connected Sports Ecosystem


Imagine if you could watch a football match and experience it like you were playing on the field with players like Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. This is not a futuristic idea; in fact, it is the next change you could expect in the digitalization in sports. With smart stadiums, you would be able to engage with your favourite teams, players, and with everything else related to a match like never before.

With more immersive viewing experiences, next-generation networks will change the way we watch sports. The introduction of the 5G Network will transform many industries including sports. With lightning speed and reliability, 5G will be capable of supporting advanced technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.

5G network provides great speed, increased bandwidth, and lower latency that can reinvent sports viewing experiences. These capabilities will support new applications and make existing ones even better. Let’s see how these different technologies are changing the world of sports:

5G Network

  • Wireless cameras will improve broadcasting as it will become a lot easier to cover sports over wide areas. It will also allow higher-quality streaming. The first 5 G experience is going to be a sporting experience.
  • The experience of watching sports over television or mobile will also change. It will be designed to make the audience’s journey captivating.
  • Connected sports will have the potential to improve access to sports knowledge. Aspiring athletes will be able to learn from coaches remotely through holographic technology, Virtual Reality and even robots. It will enable young aspiring athletes all over the world to have equal learning opportunities.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • IoT will augment the way we train, manage players, and situations during a game. Coaches will be able to process a massive amount of data in real-time, through a combination of analytics, wearables, bio-sensors, and 360 degree videos. This will allow them to get metrics on the efficiency of players, their performance, opponent weaknesses, etc. on the go.
  • Players can heal faster after an injury with the help of embedded IoT devices and built-in chips that offer real-time tracking. It offers a complete view of their health allowing organizations to make the best decisions with regards to their health & longevity. 5G Teleradiology will enable real-time diagnosis and treatments of sports injuries during a match. (Healthcare blog Link)
  • In-stadium connectivity will improve sporting event experiences. It will become easier for fans to access additional information, watch highlights, and post content on social media. Smart stadiums are going to become the most attractive platform for watching sports. Here people can connect with the matches and interact like never before.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

  • Augmented reality is changing how audience enjoys sports from their home. AR will enable channels to use 3Dgraphics in replays and live gameplay providing an immersive experience. Sports broadcasters will be able to go over plays in 3D and offer in-depth analysis.
  • AR can improve the in-stadium experience by providing more visual content as well as live statistics to the audience during the game
  • AR offers ways to market different brands at home and sports venues. For example, companies can target different audiences with customized advertisements through virtual feeds in ADI’s Virtual Hybrid digi BOARD which is used in soccer games.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Artificial Intelligence is helping in providing sports fans with a better customer experience. Chatbots and virtual assistants in clubs are making it easier for fans to easily connect with their favourite players and teams. AI can also enable apps that give fans access to their favourite teams, get notifications about games, keep track of their tickets, locate check-in stations for games, and monitor schedules.
  • AI is helping teams with scouting and recruiting players. It can record and monitor complex data to estimate a player’s market value and whether they can be a good fit for the team.

Tecnotree Sports Moments

Tecnotree Moments is B2B2X commerce engine and market offering that will empower companies towards fast-track digital transformation in sports resulting in global business opportunities. Moments for Sports consolidates a connected ecosystem of sports events and services to create a digital interactive sports viewing experience.

It uses 5G marketplace, lifestyle bundling, partner lifecycle management, multiparty settlements, AI chatbot subscription management, identity management, and direct customer billing to convert ecosystem partners into instant revenue generators; resulting in opportunities to access double-digit growth across multiple regions, including Africa, the Middle East, and LATAM, APAC.

Going ahead with the digital innovation journey needs a change in current capabilities that will be brought about with next-generation networks. The vision for the future is already there as sports organizations are transforming into digital enterprises. This change will allow sports to get closer to their fans and will strengthen the customer base, as it will become easier to create innovative and interactive sporting experiences.

Created on: 20-July-2021