Contract Management

Automated workflow-driven contract management system to create standardised
contracts and drive enterprise business revenue

With the increase in business complexity and uncertainty, managing contracts becomes a crucial part of any enterprise business. Tecnotree contract management system (CMS) is an automated system managing all the aspects of the contract lifecycle from creation to execution. CMS helps service providers seamlessly collaborate with their enterprise customers to make better business deals. CMS comes with inbuilt features such as a standard clause library, automated workflow, digital signature and many more. Integrate your enterprise business with Tecnotree CMS to create standard and custom contracts for your customers and partners.


  • Clause library
  • Templates
  • Digital signature
  • Contract Repository
  • Approval workflows
  • Notification
  • Dashboard

Contract lifecycle

  • Create
  • Negotiate
  • Execute
  • Track
  • Renewal
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Seamless onboarding of customers & partners

Complete visibility into contract lifecycle

Complete visibility into contract lifecycle

Automated approval workflows

Quick and easy API integration

Quick and easy API integration

Compliance across organization

Secure Share

Secure Share

Notify your customers & partners on contract expiry

Quick renewal

Quick renewal

Digital sign from anywhere



Contract creation for customer and partners

Clause locking

Contract Modification

Contract Renewal

Online Negotiation

Digital Signature

Real time approvals

AI enabled

Bulk contracts





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