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TM Forum demystifies the concept of Open APIs in its latest report and how CSPs can simplify IT ecosystem and enable interoperability with Open APIs

Platform business models are revolutionary and have changed not only how we buy, sell and exchange goods and services, but also how we communicate with each other. Open & publicly available APIs are at the heart of these business models - enabling modular and componentized systems which can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled quickly and at low cost.

TM Forum and Tecnotree, the world’s first Gold Badge winner for Open APIs, recently published a research report on 'How to lead in Open API Economy’ which explains how industry-agreed APIs are enabling CSPs to have plug-and-play interoperability of components in IT systems and how operators are able to expose these capabilities to partners using platform-enabled business models.

Download the report & learn:
  • Why CSPs are adopting Open APIs to drive digital transformation?
  • How Open APIs can enable IoT Device Management, AI Policy Management & Partnership Models while reducing IT complexity?
  • What are the key areas of consideration while designing an enterprise architecture?