Products / Digital Customer Lifecycle Manager

Onboard and manage your multiplay customers digitally. Natively supports Omni-channel Digital journeys for your Subscribers with a Digital Wallet and Social Media integration. Comes with an optional native Mobile CLM application for mobile working.

Efficiently execute your customer service interactions. Provides quick and flexible customer on-boarding, a unified 360 degree view to all customer information, and a complete set of request management capabilities across different channels. With an intuitive Customer 360 degree view, Knowledge management & Holistic transaction view, you can execute much more insightful customer interactions.

Drastically improve targeting & speed of introduction of new offering to all channels through a Micro-service and Catalogue Driven Architecture & inbuilt AI/ML based Recommendation Engine.

Actionable Analytics monitors the quality of experience, as well as your customers' usage behaviour and recommends best fit offers

Comes with RESTful Open APIs enabling faster integration with channels

Customer Lifecycle Management supports handling of dealer, reseller and point-of-sale operations, including complex dealer hierarchies

In addition, it comes with Incentives and Commissions Management capabilities to boost your sales channel performance. This is how you can put a smile also on your partner's face!

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