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Tecnotree Corporation Press Release 23 March 2023

Tecnotree, a global digital platform and services leader for 5G and cloud-native technology, is proud to announce that it has been awarded ‘Happy Company to Work for’, by the World HRD Congress. The award was given in the category of ‘Promoting Wellness and Fitness at Work’ and is a testament to Tecnotree’s continuous commitment to creating a workplace that prioritizes employee wellness and supports their physical and mental well-being.

The World HRD Congress is a prestigious organization that recognizes companies that lead the way in promoting a positive work culture and employee well-being. Tecnotree has won the award for its employee wellness program ‘Get fit Tecnotree’ - an initiative to encourage employees to make healthy lifestyle changes. Employees are encouraged to spend time away from screens and invest in physical activities and mental wellness. Fitter employees are recognized and rewarded with self-care days off as a token of appreciation for their commitment to improving their health and fitness.

Tecnotree’s commitment to employee wellness has not gone unnoticed, and this award reflects the company’s commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment for all employees. The company’s dedication to promoting wellness and fitness at work sets an example for other organizations.

The last few years have been hard for employees as well as organizations around the world. Work stress has reached an all-time high. Tecnotree understands the importance of creating a healthy work-life balance for its employees and has taken various steps to promote wellness and fitness at work. This is an organization that has extraordinary leadership and invests heavily in employee happiness. From providing access to on-site fitness facilities to hosting wellness workshops and stress management sessions, the company has made employee wellness a top priority.

Padma Ravichander, CEO of Tecnotree, said, “Happiness is no longer viewed as a luxury; we now know it is essential for quality of life. And employee happiness at work carries a new weight as it directly correlates with organizational success and quality of customer experience. We are incredibly proud to be recognized as one of the ‘Happy Companies to Work for’. Our employees are the backbone of our organization, and we are committed to supporting their well-being in every way possible. We are honoured to receive this award and will continue to strive towards creating a workplace that supports employee well-being and happiness.”

"When we launched Get Fit Tecnotree, I was motivated to participate and today it is a habit. I am super excited that our collective efforts have led to this award, and I’m hoping that in 2023 we will set new benchmarks. This recognition is a significant milestone for Tecnotree, as we understand the crucial role that employee wellness plays in creating agile, healthy, and happy teams that are fun to work with” said Savitha NK, Chief People Officer, Tecnotree Corporation.

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Padma Ravichander, CEO
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Tecnotree is a 5G-ready digital Business Support System (BSS) player, with AI/ML capabilities and multi-cloud extensibility. Tecnotree is among the first companies in the world to be Platinum Certified by TM Forum Open API standards, and our agile and open-source Digital BSS Stack comprises the full range (order-to-cash) of business processes and subscription management for telecom and other digital services industries creating opportunities beyond connectivity. Tecnotree also provides Fintech and B2B2X multi-experience digital marketplace to its subscriber base through the Tecnotree Moments platform to empower digitally connected communities across gaming, health, education, OTT, and other vertical ecosystems. Tecnotree is listed on Helsinki Nasdaq (TEM1V). For more information, please visit our website or social media channels – Linkedin I Facebook I Twitter

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