A New Era of AI in connected healthcare:
Shifting the healthcare paradigm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized healthcare, delivering proactive care to enhance health outcomes, and streamline processes while reducing costs. At its core healthcare is driven by data - vital signs of a patient, their clinical data, medical history, diagnoses, medications, treatment plan, and test results. Imagine this data flowing seamlessly between various specialists in the healthcare ecosystem, who can leverage this data for their timely expertise. This transformation holds the power to revolutionize patient care and optimize the efficiency of the complete healthcare ecosystem. This change is brought about through better connectivity and transparent sharing of data and insights across health insurers, hospitals, clinics, and retail pharmacies.

B2B2X healthcare platform - Connected health ecosystem for B2B2X experiences is poised to revolutionize healthcare through:

Multi-experience virtual care and AI based diagnosis and intervention

A low-code no-code enterprise self-service platform for healthcare providers for automated workflows and interoperability between partners


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Platforms capabilities/ Healthcare Offerings

Partner Onboarding & Integrations

Catalog & Healthcare bundles

Subscription Management


Personalized Campaigns

Order Management

BI Dashboard

Healthcare Profile of One

Patient Doctor Appointment


Use Cases

B2C (Patient) customer journey – Book doctor appointment

Calendarized notification using automated workflows

Video Consultation (Patient & Doctor) - Patient vitals, view patient history, write prescription and send to patient online

Partner Commercial Self Onboarding - Healthcare horizontal and vertical partners, contracts, hierarchy

B2C (Patient) customer journey – Automated recommendations and notifications for patient to purchase Healthcare services prescribed by doctor

IOT Device experience to capture patient vitals

B2B (Hospital) customer journey – Discovery, Cart management, quotation, payment, notification

Onboarded healthcare partners can create their products

Partner Settlement and Dashboard

Predict high-cost claims and chronic conditions: Deliver proactive, personalized insights; and prevent unnecessary costs (e.g., re-admissions, low intensity ER visits)

Healthcare AI Solutions

  • Personalized, Predictive, Proactive Care & Service
  • Engineer better patient outcomes while lowering costs through predictive and proactive personalized care.
  • Patient and Member profiles form a key foundation for personalized insights and proactive interventions.
  • We Know Healthcare AI
  • Healthcare AI Personalization
  • Leverage Patient, Member, Provider and Claim Profiles
  • 360 Degree Perspective

Healthcare-specific AI-powered solutions and products that accelerate Member and Patient engagement in the following areas:

Combine enterprise-wide data collection with external data to enrich profiles and the customer experience. Tecnotree’s foundational Profile-of-One technology gives you a 360-degree view of an entity like a person (patient, member, provider) or claim, using Declared, Observed and Inferred data to drive hyper-personalized insights.


Case Studies


Annual cost savings in contact center operations

Improvement in contact center agent satisfaction

Reduction in average handle time on calls


  • One of the largest health insurance companies in the U.S. with approximately 43M members nationwide
  • Initiated engagement with the Chief Digital Officer, who was tasked to build Digital & AI First strategy
  • The client planned on transforming member and provider contact center experiences


  • 93% of member interactions happen within the call center instead of the website or mobile applications
  • Most member inquiries are focused on benefit explanations that last
  • 12-18 minutes per call on average — Inefficiency is created as agents spend time gathering information on members during the call
  • Client looking to provide proactive opportunities for member self-service to prevent costly member calls


  • Tecnotree’s Profile-of-One capability helped the client to build 40M+ customer profiles
  • Predict when customers need to contact support and proactively provide solutions through self- service applications
  • The agent-assist solutions (i.e., auto-generated response scripts) significantly improved the efficiency of customer calls by integrating member predictions and responses into call center systems

Annual liability prevention costs saved


Models scanned


Impacted patients for discharge


  • Initiated engagement with client's Chief Digital Officer
  • The client had a vision around being an AI company transforming member engagement with a focus on responsible and trusted AI
  • Built hundreds of ML models but did not have any capabilities around trusted AI


  • Multiple decisions made at client that impact the well-being of patients while preventing costly liability fines due to non-compliance
  • For example: emergency room patient discharge can often be biased and lack transparency which directly impacts patient outcomes as well as non-compliance fines
  • Need to make sure that models (ML and non-ML) that are making decisions that impact the lives and well-being of patients are fair and transparent


  • Utilize AI governance capabilities to conduct a comprehensive review on patients to inform an unbiased discharge decision for personalized care
  • Thorough review of clinical and non-clinical factors, including any potential bias factors
  • Scan hundreds of models used by the data science and compliance departments to ensure performance, explainability and fairness

Increase in number of quality leads

Annual marketing spend reduced

Improved lead conversion


  • Engaged Tecnotree with the client’s commercial insurance division
  • Started the conversation with VP of Digital and Chief Information Officer


  • Client needs AI to drive online engagement and a more personalized shopping experience
  • Looking to expand the top of funnel and proactively reach out to people looking for insurance and to reduce the cost per lead
  • Need to put the right message in front of potential customers and bring them to the website to convert
  • Goal to increase the number of quality leads by up to 10x


  • The first use case using Tecnotree’s platform is AI- powered intelligent lead generation Pick up signals from social media feeds and client’s existing database for persona identification
  • Reducing the annual marketing spend by ~40% through refocusing on digital channels via intelligent persona generation and personalized targeting
  • Increased number of engagements with more personalized interactions driving ~8% improved lead conversion
6 12

6 Use cases in progress and 12+ on 2022 - 2023 roadmap


Annual savings from member experience disruption use case

Annualized savings from initial CKD pilot


  • Started engagement with the Chief Information Officer and expanded discussions with Chief Technology Officer
  • Client has a CEO driven focus on member experience personalization that extends to all types of interactions across all channels (care optimization, service experience and member acquisition and retention)
  • Client wants to establish a 360-degree foundation that deeply understands their customers throughout their journey


  • Dysfunctional personalization for members: proactive member and provider interventions for high-cost members (with the right message to the right person in the correct channel) do not work without identity resolution and personalized member insights
  • Pre-authorization could face major issues without personalization capabilities
  • Disruptions happen when member journey is not known, causing inefficient processes and member frustrations


  • Sensa platform implemented by client as a foundation to proactively identify and prevent member prior authorization (PA) disruptions with potential annualized savings of $25M
  • In addition, Tecnotree is providing a broad set of solutions (12+ use cases) across client’s operations (including Pharmacies, Urgent Care Clinics, Retail Stores and Health Insurance)
  • Client is piloting initial care optimization use case focused on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) with potential annualized savings of $5M

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