Exploring the Rise of Private Networks in the 5G Era


In an era of collaboration, where connectivity plays a vital role in every industry, 5G technology has emerged as a game-changer. Alongside the deployment of public 5G networks, the concept of 5G private networks has gained considerable momentum. These networks offer enterprises the ability to create dedicated, secure, and highly reliable connectivity solutions tailored to their specific needs. This blog explores the significance of 5G private networks from a telecom Business Support Systems (BSS) software solutions perspective and highlights the transformative impact they bring to the telecom industry.

Among other 5G capabilities, network slicing, ultra-reliable low latency, and a service-based architecture enable optimised solutions for businesses across all verticals, including Industry 4.0. 5G has the potential to transform industries due to its high speed- 100 times faster than 4G, real-time decision-making capabilities due to low latency, and massive connection capacity - 1,000,000 devices per square kilometre. Industries with critical communication need to purchase private networks and services because they own and operate their own networks. These private networks bolster service providers' existing network operations while maintaining the necessary local control.

From self-driving cars and factory automation to smart healthcare and high-definition video surveillance, reliable and high-performance network solutions are required. By maximising their existing networks and spectrum assets, communication service providers create new digital services. The solutions can be tailored to a variety of scenarios such as data and voice, indoor and outdoor use, and standalone or integrated with public networks.

Understanding 5G Private Networks

A 5G private network refers to a dedicated cellular network deployed exclusively for a specific organization or enterprise. Unlike public 5G networks that cater to the masses, private networks are designed to provide ultra-low latency, high reliability, and enhanced security for critical applications. These networks operate on a dedicated spectrum, allowing organizations to have complete control over network management and customization.

Empowering Telecom BSS Software Solutions

The advent of 5G private networks brings forth exciting opportunities for telecom BSS or independent software vendors (ISVs). BSS (Business Support System) platforms are a crucial component of any telecom service provider's infrastructure, handling various operations such as charging, billing, customer management, product management, order management, and service provisioning. Here's how 5G private networks revolutionize these solutions:

  • Tailored Service offerings: With private networks, enterprises gain the ability to customize services according to their unique requirements. Telecom BSS software solutions can leverage this flexibility to offer tailored service packages, ensuring organizations have the exact connectivity solutions they need. This enables telecom operators to provide personalized offerings, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue streams.
  • Order orchestration and fulfilment: 5G private networks enable rapid deployment of services within an organization. BSS software solutions can integrate with network management systems through an OSS service orchestrator to automate service provisioning workflows. This integration accelerates service delivery, reduces manual intervention, and minimizes human errors, resulting in faster time-to-market and improved operational efficiency.
  • Advanced Service Assurance: Private networks demand high levels of service quality and reliability. BSS software solutions can leverage real-time analytics and monitoring capabilities to ensure optimal network performance. By providing granular insights into network usage, traffic patterns, and quality of service, these solutions empower operators to proactively identify and resolve issues, reducing downtime and enhancing overall service reliability.
  • Robust Security and Authentication: Security is a key concern for private networks. BSS software solutions can incorporate advanced security features such as user authentication, encryption, and access controls to safeguard the network infrastructure. This ensures that sensitive data remains protected and unauthorized access is prevented, addressing the unique security requirements of private network deployments.
  • Monetization Opportunities: 5G private networks open new revenue streams for telecom operators. BSS software solutions can enable operators to implement innovative monetization models, such as charging for dedicated network slices, Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, or value-added services. These solutions would enable operators to efficiently manage pricing, billing, and revenue assurance, ensuring profitability while delivering tailored services to enterprise customers.

While the potential of 5G private networks is immense, some of the challenges must be addressed to unlock their full potential from a BSS software solutions standpoint. These challenges include:

  • Interoperability: Ensuring interoperability between different vendor systems and BSS platforms is essential to support the seamless integration and management of private networks. Standardization efforts and collaboration among stakeholders are critical to overcoming this challenge. Utilization and adherence to industry standards such as TM Forum compliant Open APIs may help in overcoming these challenges.
  • Scalability: As the number of private network deployments grows, BSS software solutions need to scale efficiently to handle the increasing volume of services, subscribers, and network elements. Adopting cloud-native architectures and leveraging technologies like containerization and microservices can enable scalability and agility.

5G private networks present a transformative opportunity for telecom BSS software solutions. By leveraging the unique capabilities of private networks, BSS platforms can empower telecom operators to deliver customized services, streamline provisioning processes, ensure robust security, and explore new revenue streams. Overcoming challenges related to interoperability and scalability will be crucial in harnessing the full potential of these networks. As private networks continue to evolve, BSS software solutions will play a pivotal role in enabling operators to meet the diverse demands of enterprise customers in the 5G era.


Suddhasatwa Sengupta

General Manager - Solution Consulting, Tecnotree

With over 15 years of experience as a General Manager specializing in presales, Suddhasatwa Sengupta is an accomplished professional with a strong focus on Telecom BSS/OSS modules. His deep understanding of the industry landscape coupled with his expertise in the latest technological advancements, empowers him to offer strategic insights and pioneering recommendations that drive success.