Strengthen Telco Products Through Sensa Humanized AI-Enabled Experiences

we are all sensory creatures and our human senses are a large part of who we are Digital technology today mainly uses two out of 5 senses - sight and sound  creating a prism that connects us to the entire world and beyond  We are capable of so much more ---triangulation and overlap of senses can yield as many as 21 neurologically identified sense complexities.

With the fast-paced technological advances in AR & VR applications and the hyper-connectivity of devices on 5G and hyper personalized AI enabled experiences it is plausible that digital experiences will move from screen-based to sense-based in the decades ahead to an Internet of SENSES  

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5G driven




Tecnotree AI Engineering Platform

Tecnotree AI Engineering Platform is Designed to Address Four Key Enterprise Customer Pain Points

Combining independent models and rules in complex workflows

AI Composition

Low-code collaborative developer platform for automating development and control of AI applications across multiple personas

Creating hyper-personalized customer profiles at scale

AI-Powered Personalization

Derive hyper-detailed customer profiles from enterprise data to predict behaviors in real-time and at scale

Inability to link AI investments to measurable and achievable business outcomes

Business Goal Optimized AI

Generate AI-powered models designed to continuously learn and achieve clearly defined business outcomes

Inability to link AI investments to measurable and achievable business outcomes

AI Trust and Governance

Enables organizations to explain and prove compliance with applicable rules and regulations


Why Tecnotree Sensa Platform Wins

Tecnotree Capabilities Bridge the Gap Between AI Technology and Realized Business Impact

AI Composition

To Personalize the Experience To make the right use of Data

AI-powered Personalization

Contextual reasoning enables real-time inferences and predictions which support each customer interaction

Business Goal Optimized AI

Links AI decision making and business impact by optimizing AI applications at the business process level

AI Governance

Systematic detection, management and remediation of business risk associated with built-in bias, explainability and robustness of AI driven decisions


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