Partnering with Managed Services Providers helps CSPs gain sustainable competitive advantage, says Tecnotree whitepaper

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10 April, 2013 at 8.30 am EEST

Espoo, Finland - Telecom IT solutions provider Tecnotree today released a whitepaper on how partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Given the highly competitive nature of the CSP market, global CSPs need to define what their competitive advantages are, focus on them and outsource the rest to the best industry partner possible. MSP can provide economies of scale through its global operations, which helps to drive down the operator’s costs per subscriber served and improve profit margins.

The MSP has the depth of knowledge and breadth of resources that would take years for the CSP to acquire and prohibitively expensive to maintain. The transition to Managed Services revolutionises the sourcing of mission critical business IT services and requires careful planning, professional sourcing and disciplined management and governance.

The paper explains that an MSP can add most value to the CSP when it has thorough domain knowhow, supports its own business support systems application suite to reduce time to market, and offers a broad selection of services that it can provide to the CSP. The partnership can be furthered by having a superior distributed delivery model requiring a global presence onsite, near shore and offshore.

Ilkka Aura, Chief Commercial Officer of Tecnotree said: “The new competitive landscape that CSPs face requires a new paradigm providing and operating mission-critical business support systems. Forward looking CSPs focus on core business processes and core competences, and outsource the rest to subject matter experts.”

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