Shares and Share Capital

Tecnotree Corporation

Listed on: NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Oy
Trading code: TEM1V
ISIN code: FI0009010227
List: Main
Segment: Small Cap
Sector Code: Technology
Number of shares 31 December 2018: 175,183,468

Shares and share capital

Tecnotree has a single share series and all shares hold equal voting rights.

At the end of 2018 the shareholders' equity of Tecnotree Corporation stood at EUR -6.5 (31 December 2017: -6.1) million and the share capital was EUR 1.3 million. Tecnotree has a single share series and the total number of shares at the end of 2018 was 175,183,468 shares.

At the end of the period, the company did not hold any own shares (31 December 2017: 0). Equity per share was EUR -0.04 (31 December 2017: -0.05).

A total of 48,184,720  Tecnotree shares (EUR 4,275,131) were traded on the Helsinki Exchanges during the period 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2018, representing 27.5 per cent of the total number of shares. The highest share price quoted in the period was EUR 0.26 and the lowest EUR 0.13. The average quoted proce was EUR 0.19 and the closing price on 31 Dec 2014 was EUR 0.14. The market capitalisation of the shares stock at the end of the period was EUR 17.0 million.

Quotation of shares

Company's shares are quoted on the main list of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. Company's trading code is TEM1V.

Share register

Tecnotree's shares are incorporated in the electronic book-entry system managed by  Euroclear Finland Ltd. The company's shareholder register is maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd.

Shareholder change of address

Shareholders are kindly requested to report any change of address to the bank or brokerage company in which they have their book-entry account.

Euroclear Finland Ltd may only update customer information with a book-entry account in its systems.

Tecnotree does not maintain an address register.

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