Tecnotree urges African operators to improve efficiency through consolidating voicemail services

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November 10th, 2011 at 8.30 am EET

Telecom IT solutions provider Tecnotree Corporation is calling for African operators to draw on the successes of their European counterparts, as it announces two new contracts for the Tecnotree AgilityTM Consolidated Voicemail solution*.

Service Providers around the world are seeing an increasing surge from over-the-top (OTT) VoIP and messaging providers, meaning that existing legacy systems for voicemail must be transformed to support new network strategies. To support such changes, Tecnotree is supporting operators by simplifying service architecture and ensuring flexibility to respond to changes in both fixed and mobile networks and voice applications.

The two most recent operator contracts have today been announced as Cyta from Cyprus and Tele2 from Norway. Though both operating in developed and very competitive European markets, the objective was to future proof voicemail and call completion solutions to serve their mobile and fixed customers. Both two operators were also looking for significant savings in operational and maintenance costs which can now be achieved with the reduction of technologies and platforms.

“Tecnotree´s architecture is a perfect and cost effective match for our full IP networks strategy”, says Vegard Tvedt, Manager Networks, Tele2 Norway. “The advantages of the new solution are clear. We will increase our flexibility to launch new services with faster time to market and we will increase our efficiency,”

Chrysis Phiniotis, Manager of Fixed & Mobile Communications Networks from Cyta says: “We selected Tecnotree not only because of the technology they deliver, but also because they are a trusted partner to us who has continuously delivered on promise and who can cater for Cyta’s future needs beyond voice services.”

“As the fastest** growing mobile market in the world, African operators are facing a period of change and need to be fully prepared for lowered revenues and to launch more voice services such as visual voicemail. As such, consolidation of services architecture and cost efficient operations are key.” says Timo Laaksonen, Chief Commercial Officer of Tecnotree. “As with Tele2 and Cyta, we listen to and support operators’ individual strategies to help them transition from old the telecom paradigm to succeed in a digital marketplace.”


Notes to Editors:
* Tecnotree AgilityTM Consolidated Voicemail solution is based on the renowned Tecnotree AgilityTM Telco & Media Server and the Tecnotree AgilityTM Voicemail Server

** “Mobile connections will grow by almost 60% between year-end 2009 and 2014, reaching 724 million, a penetration rate of 66.3%” according to Gartner Research from ‘The Outlook for Mobile Services in Africa’, July 2010 


Timo Laaksonen, Chief Commercial Officer, Tecnotree: +358 9 804 781

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