Tecnotree’s Agility VAS consolidation suite expands DNA’s call completion and IVR platforms

Tecnotree Corporation
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15 July 2015 at 08:30 a.m. EEST

Tecnotree expands the existing call completion and IVR platforms for the Finnish operator DNA with MMSC, SMS-IPGW, and SMSC platforms creating a consolidated Tecnotree Agility VAS platform. Tecnotree and its partners integrate multiple VAS solutions under one virtualized hardware environment and a unified platform that brings operational cost savings and ease of operations for DNA.

“Tecnotree’s Agility VAS consolidation is a future-proof approach for businesses. Bundling multiple complementing solutions under one platform simplifies operations and reduces costs. Tecnotree anticipates that VAS business will transform even more towards consolidated platforms and Tecnotree shall actively pursue these opportunities,” comments Ilkka Aura, Executive Vice President, Europe and Americas at Tecnotree.

“It was important for DNA to consolidate all call completion and messaging services into one platform from a single vendor. The Tecnotree Agility VAS platform is a fully virtualized, versatile, cost-efficient, and future-proof platform for new, innovative messaging services going forward,” states Director, Enterprise Services Janne Hankaankorpi at DNA.

The agreed complete delivery is the first consolidated platform delivery that fulfills an operator’s all messaging needs and hence an important milestone for Tecnotree. The demands on the marketplace are clearly shifting from single solution platforms to a consolidated, completed solution as demonstrated by the deployment for DNA.


Ilkka Aura, Executive Vice President, Europe and Americas
tel. +358 (0)45 634 5252


Janne Hankaankorpi
DNA, Director, Enterprise services
+358 44 590 2507

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DNA Ltd is a Finnish telecommunications group providing high-quality voice, data and TV services for communication, entertainment and working. DNA is Finland’s largest cable operator and the leading pay TV provider in both the cable and terrestrial networks. For DNA, the key area for growth in the Corporate Business is the new way of working, independent of time and place, facilitated by smart mobile devices, diverse communication services and rapid connections. In 2014, DNA recorded a turnover of EUR 833.5 million and an operating profit of EUR 27.6 million. DNA Ltd has more than 3.5 million mobile communications and fixed network customer subscriptions. The Group also includes DNA Store, Finland’s largest retail chain selling mobile phones. For more information, please visit www.dna.fi, Twitter @DNA_fi and Facebook.

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