Tecnotree launches Commerce Engine for scaling up partnered real-time offerings

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11 November, 2013 at 8.30 pm EET

Espoo, Finland – Telecom IT solutions provider Tecnotree today announced the launch of Tecnotree AgilityTM Commerce Engine, a new product for service management and service assurance of partnered real-time offerings. The first deployment of the system is live in a major Latin American market.

Tecnotree Commerce Engine has built-in features for service creation, customer support and delivery control. Delivery control includes functions such as transaction validation, prepaid credit reservation and content delivery according to operator policies.

The Commerce Engine acts as a secure and managed point of integration between third party content management systems and the operator’s internal service provisioning, charging and customer care systems. Unlike legacy solutions or messaging gateways, Tecnotree Commerce Engine is channel and network agnostic and suited for premium messaging services, content downloads, online games, streaming, and e-commerce.

Ville Syrjänen, Director of Value Product Line, Tecnotree, explains: “The Commerce Engine’s operator benefits include new revenue streams, ensuring subscribers pay only for the content they have subscribed to, and reducing the costs related to managing partnered offerings. First movers to make a large scale channel play selling third party digital content can take the pole position as the leading Digital Marketplace in their local market. Tecnotree Commerce Engine truly puts the operator in the driver’s seat.”

Notes to the editors:
Tecnotree AgilityTM Commerce Engine belongs to the category of Service Delivery Platforms (SDP). Term SDP refers to an IT environment used for the creation, deployment, execution and orchestration of digital content and service offerings regardless of underlying technologies. SDPs are used to integrate business processes accross the operator and internet domains.



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