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July 13h, 2011 at 8.30 am

Tecnotree has won a 1 million euro contract from a European operator offering quad-play (fixed, mobile, broadband, and IP-TV) services based on Tecnotree AgilityTM Service Platforms, deployed to provide real-time service mediation and execution for convergent charging.

Communications service providers around the world are rethinking their product bundling and charging strategies and underlying IT infrastructure. Core network technologies are evolving and converging, new services and platforms are being introduced at an accelerating pace, and legacy charging and billing systems have limitations supporting real-time charging of convergent quad-play service bundles. Pressure to move from flat-rate packages to tiered pricing plans is increasing due to data traffic growth, entailing further requirements to the business IT systems.

The Tecnotree AgilityTM Service Platforms provide the missing architectural layer, which many operators are now exploring as a key avenue in addressing these challenges. Supporting open standards, Service Platforms interface with virtually all service and network elements in voice, data, and IP networks.  These elements trigger real-time charging data, which is filtered, enriched, and finally distributed further within existing charging and billing systems. In doing so, real-time convergent charging is empowered across all services. In addition, the platforms architecture is extendable to deliver a host of value added services and allows communications service providers to create their own service flows.

“This deal marks a cornerstone and a first for Tecnotree in Europe in supplying a strategic business IT component in a truly converged operator environment. In particular, this case shows how our solutions can co-exist and add value in environments where traditional charging and billing vendors have had a strong foothold. Furthermore, it is a great manifestation of our digital marketplace vision, in which operators flexibly bundle and rate all kinds of services for every taste,” says Kaj Hagros, President and CEO, Tecnotree Corporation.

Kaj Hagros
President and CEO

Kaj Hagros, President and CEO, tel. +358 40 849 1749

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