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                                         24 September 2009, at 09.45 am         

TECNOTREE RECEIVES A NEW ORDER FROM TELE2 SWEDEN                                

Tecnotree (former Tecnomen), one of the leading suppliers of VAS and BSS/OSS    
platforms, has signed a new contract with Tele2 Sweden about the deployment of  
Tecnotree Next Generation Messaging Platform replacing one of Tele2´s existing  
legacy Voicemail systems during second half of 2009.                            

The Next Generation Messaging solution provided by Tecnotree is a fully IP based
Voicemail and Call Completion service for Tele2's mobile and fixed customers in 

Tecnotree´s solution architecture is a perfect match for operator's full IP     
Networks. The competition in the mobile service provider market and the goal of 
increasing efficiency makes it evident for service providers to select a partner
who can help them to rapidly reduce OPEX. This and other full IP deployments    
Tecnotree has implemented during the last months is a measure to further reduce 
the total cost of ownership of service platforms without making compromises on  
customer service quality. Tecnotree´s experience in Value Added Services and    
their flexible offering give end customers more enriched communication          

``We are pleased to help Tele2 with our expertise and experience we have gained 
over the decades in the field of revenue generating services, ´´ says Miika     
Reinikka, VP Value Added Services in Tecnotree ``The cooperation we have entered
into with Tele2 and with our other customers proves our dedication and          
commitment to work together providing innovative business models and services,´´
Miika Reinikka added.                                                           

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Tecnotree, (Tecnomen Lifetree) founded in 1978, is one of the leading suppliers 
of  Business and Operations Support Systems (BSS/OSS) and Value Added Services  
(VAS) for telecom operators worldwide. Tecnotree markets and sells its products 
and services through its own organisation, as well as through global and local  
partners, and has supplied its products to more than 120 customers around the   
world. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Tecnotree has over 800 employees working
in 20 locations worldwide. The company is listed on the main list of NASDAQ OMX 
Helsinki Ltd with the trading code TEM1V. For more information on Tecnotree     
visit www.tecnotree.com

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