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Press Release 15th February 2011 at 10.00 am

Tecnotree Corporation demonstrates an expanded product and solution offering to support its new corporate strategy as a broad-scale IT solution and service platform provider for communications service provider (CSPs) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

Tecnotree Agility,TM the new suite of revenue & customer management and value driving modules, includes:

  • Revenue – convergent, real-time charging & rating, convergent billing and distribution management
  • Customer – customer care, product management and customer lifecycle management
  • Value – messaging, media & entertainment service applications and service platforms


As part of the product suite, Tecnotree is launching two new products to the market:

  • Unified Product Catalogue - enables CSPs to combine all of their fixed, mobile and broadband products and services into a single repository and selection menu, where each subscriber can pick and choose their preferred service bundles.
  • Customer Lifecycle Management - maximizes profitability and customer experience by proactively analyzing, anticipating and predicting how, with what, and when each customer wants to be served.


Unified Product Catalogue bundles can cover all the aspects of provisioning triple-play (fixed telephony, mobile, broadband) or quad-play (including cable or Internet TV) services, to charging, rating, and ultimately billing. Customers can choose from prepaid, postpaid and hybrid charging models for these services. The bundles can contain products and services from operators and from a number of content and application partners, including music, media, gaming, or entertainment services.

Customer Lifecycle Management allows CSPs to convert customer billing data into actionable intelligence for cross-selling and customer retention activities. Customer care can be personalised and service usage analytics and automated enactment can be used for triggering personalized marketing offers.

Kaj Hagros, president and CEO of Tecnotree, commented: “CSPs cannot stick to their guns anymore - they need to be expanding their offering to create a digital marketplace of services. Customers deserve to be offered a totally new level of empowerment and freedom to choose which services they want to use, how they want to bundle them, how much and through which channels.

“Bundling, provisioning, charging and billing of third party services require agility, flexibility and integration from the underlying business IT system. Tecnotree’s new strategy will help our customers redefine the value chain in addition to focusing on our traditionally strong prepaid charging, messaging and value added service solutions.”

Both new products have become part of wider Tecnotree solution offering consisting of three areas: Bundle Services for Every Taste, Boost Customer Lifetime Value and Create Digital Marketplaces. Each solution area consists of four solutions that will be launched at the Mobile World Congress. The new products, Unified Product Catalogue and Customer Lifecycle Management, are both critical ingredients within areas Bundle Services for Every Taste and Boost Customer Lifetime Value solutions.

Karl Whitelock, director OSS BSS strategy, Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan, comments: “CSPs are no longer the end-to-end provider of what customers want. Alluring new services for both business and consumers now involve the resources from multiple suppliers working in collaboration with the community to define, deliver and support the right stuff at the right time. There’s now a golden opportunity to increase customer loyalty by using flexible service definition and personalization features.”

Tecnotree was formerly known as Tecnomen before the company merged in May 2009 with the Indian telecommunications product company Lifetree Convergence.

Kaj Hagros, CEO and Timo Laaksonen, VP, Strategy & Business Development of Tecnotree will be available at MWC to discuss the launch of the new company strategy, the renewed product suite and solutions portfolio.


A Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan whitepaper entitled ‘Meeting customer needs – service offer personalization and partner collaboration’ can be downloaded from www.tecnotree.com .

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