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Stock Exchange Release 14 February 2011 at 10.30 am

Tecnotree Corporation has reviewed its corporate strategy and repositions as a broad-scale IT solutions provider for communications service providers. This release summarizes the cornerstones of the newly crafted strategy.

Tecnotree has uncovered a substantial new growth opportunity as a broad provider of telecom business IT solutions, i.e. service provisioning, product management, convergent charging, billing, and customer care. With this strategy alignment, Tecnotree positions itself to benefit from a substantial value chain redefinition as operators evolve from telecom utility providers towards digital marketplaces.

Operator value chain transforming
Communication service providers throughout the world are going through a change. Much of the new service innovation on a global scale takes place within the internet paradigm. “We believe that communication service providers are in an ideal position to increase returns by providing rich bundles of services from a broad array of fixed, mobile and broadband telecom services, content and media partners, entertainment subscriptions and other digital services,” says Kaj Hagros, President and CEO of Tecnotree.

Mobile penetration rates are passing 100% in several countries around the world. In line with this trend communication service providers are starting to focus more on retaining existing customers instead of investing heavily into acquiring new customers at decreased returns. Communication service providers are looking to provide their best and most loyal customers a personalized service experience to drive satisfaction and usage. Furthermore, communication service providers are looking to provide their customers with more products and services to increase their potential lifetime value.

Furthermore, consumers expect to be offered a totally new level of empowerment and freedom to choose which services they want to use, how they want to bundle them, how much and through which channels. Communication service providers need the capability to provision, deliver, charge, bill and support bundles for every taste, and ultimately let customers self-provision the most fitting packages or subscriptions all by themselves. “With an extensive solution offering, we tackle the critical business requirements and market trends that communications service providers are witnessing across the world,” Hagros explains.

Tecnotree powering the digital marketplace
In line with this development, Tecnotree repositions as a broad solutions provider within telecom IT. The company’s redefined mission is to empower communication service providers to create and monetize a marketplace of digital services, while boosting customer lifetime value through service bundling, personalized service experience, and marketing agility. “Tecnotree has a unique competitive advantage combining a full “best-of-suite” telecom business IT solutions portfolio,” Hagros says. “In addition, we have the flexibility, agility and dedication of an entrepreneurial organization, and are constantly recognized for our attitude and commitment to deliver.”

Bundling, provisioning, charging and billing of in-house and third party services require agility, flexibility and integration from the underlying business IT systems. This is typically not a characteristic for systems currently in use by communication service providers around the world. Tecnotree seeks to penetrate the wider market of business critical telecom IT systems in addition to focusing on its traditionally strong prepaid charging, messaging and value added service solutions.

Combining the capabilities of the full suite of its products, Tecnotree will empower communication service providers to:


  • promote convergent services with service bundles for every taste,
  • boost value across the customer lifecycle through adaptive customer care, cross-sales & retention based on customer insight, and
  • enable and monetize a marketplace of a wide range of digital services adapting to individual preferences.

These initiatives require communication service providers to renew and extend their charging, billing, customer care, and service delivery platforms and applications currently in use. Aligned with this strategy, Tecnotree has restructured the company’s products and solutions into a uniform suite of revenue & customer management and value driving modules called Tecnotree AgilityTM. The new solution suite will be announced at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, this week.


Kaj Hagros
President and CEO

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