Tecnomen Corporation                      PRESS RELEASE                         
                                          16 February 2009 at 8.30 am           


Tecnomen and Digia today announces a partnership to enable Visual Voicemail     
service for S60 smartphone software on Symbian OS. The partnership takes        
advantage of Tecnomen's Messaging solutions and Digia's competencies in         
smartphone client development.                                                  

Visual Voicemail provides visual interactivity to end users and brings          
significant improvement to the voicemail user experience. Instead of calling a  
voicemail mailbox to retrieve and manage voicemail messages and personal        
settings, end users are able to perform all voicemail tasks directly from the   
intuitive and highly functional Visual Voicemail client application embedded in 
the handset.                                                                    

"We have seen the impact and outstanding reception the Visual Voicemail service 
has had since the introduction of the Apple iPhone. Being able to provide the   
same service now for other smartphone platforms such as S60 together with Digia 
is a great step forward for Tecnomen in the voicemail evolution", says Miika    
Reinikka, VP Messaging Business Unit, Tecnomen.                                 

“Digia welcomes its partnership with Tecnomen in the creation of a Visual       
Voicemail solution as an exiting opportunity. We're seeing more and more demand 
for applications that can bring a seamless end-to-end service experience to the 
mobile device. The new Visual Voicemail for the S60 is a perfect example of such
an end-to-end service, enabled by a smart mobile client”, says Jari-Pekka       
Heikkilä, VP Product Creation Services, Digia.                                  

The partnership enables Tecnomen to provide its customers with a full Visual    
Voicemail solution for mass market smartphones and to bring added value to its  

Come and see the new Visual Voicemail for S60 at the Mobile World Congress 2009 
in Fira Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain during 16 - 19 February 2009, at the Tecnomen
stand, Exhibition Hall 1, stand B01.                                            

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Tecnomen Corp., Mr. Miika Reinikka, VP Messaging, tel. +358 (0)9 804 781, e-mail
Digia Plc, Mr. Tuukka Turunen, Director, Special Projects, tel. +358 (0)40 7655 
800, e-mail tuukka.turunen@digia.com                                            

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