Tecnomen Corporation                    STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE                  
                                        December 15, 2008, at 8.30am            

TECNOMEN AND LIFETREE COMBINE                                                   

Tecnomen has signed agreements through which Lifetree Convergence Ltd.          
(“Lifetree”), an India-based provider of Convergent Billing and Customer Care,  
Rating, and Messaging platforms, will combine with Tecnomen. Through these      
agreements Tecnomen will acquire up to 96.6% of the share ownership of Lifetree 
for a consideration of EUR 33.2 million, to be paid through a combination of    
cash and issuance of new shares of Tecnomen. For the financial period ending on 
March 31, 2008, according to Indian GAAP and with 63.0 as the EUR/INR exchange  
rate, Lifetree's net sales came to EUR 11.3 million; profit after taxes was EUR 
3.4 million, and the company had no debt and net assets of EUR 8.4 million.     
Lifetree had a cash balance of EUR 9.5 million as on 31st Oct, 2008. This       
translates to an enterprise value (for 100%) of EUR 24.9 million.               

Of the consideration, EUR 21.4 million will be paid in cash and the remainder   
EUR 11.8 million in new Tecnomen shares to be issued. In the transaction, the   
issue price applied for Tecnomen's shares will be EUR 0.86 per share. The cash  
portion will be financed in part with a long-term loan and partly from the cash 
funds of Tecnomen. The shareholders of Lifetree will be paid partly in cash and 
partly in new Tecnomen shares. The new Tecnomen shares issued to Management     
Shareholders are subject to a three-year lock-up. Tecnomen will extinguish its  
current stock option pool and will create a new option pool of Tecnomen shares  
which shall be a maximum of 8.5% of Tecnomen's fully diluted shares, not however
exceeding 6,840,036 options. Post the transaction, IFC, as a current Lifetree   
shareholder, will become a shareholder in Tecnomen holding about 6.17% shares   
and 5.65% on a fully diluted basis.                                             

This transaction will create significant long-term value for its shareholders.  
The combined entity - Tecnomen Lifetree Plc - will offer a highly synergistic   
Product suite and will be in a position to offer an unmatched                   
Convergence-oriented value proposition to customers. The combined proposition   
will map to 100% of a Telco's OSS/BSS and messaging requirements. The expanded  
global reach established by this transaction will enhance coverage in matured   
and emerging markets. The combined entity's clientele will comprise more than   
120 customers, spread across 70 countries. Coverage of emerging markets, in     
particular, will be unmatched. Tecnomen Lifetree Plc will have strong growth    
potential and increased cost-competitiveness, with strong penetration into      
Telecoms Operator group accounts with multiple revenue-generating properties, as
well as a competitive-cost R&D and delivery base in India.                      

Tecnomen CEO Jarmo Niemi will be the CEO of the new company, and Atul Chopra,   
the Managing Director and CEO of Lifetree, will be appointed as the combined    
Company's COO & President.                                                      

"The proposed transaction is in line with our goal of being a fully Convergent  
Charging and Billing solutions provider and provides an opportunity to          
complement our strong presence in the market for Pre-paid products with a strong
presence in the Converged landscape. It also adds to our Product portfolio and  
enhances the competitiveness of our Messaging business unit. The transaction    
provides access to a larger customer base in emerging markets such as Africa and
Asia, to drive revenue growth in coming years. This complementary combination   
represents a perfect strategic fit and delivers a substantial opportunity for   
solid future growth of the combined entity,” says Niemi.                        

From the perspective of Lifetree, Chopra explains, “This is an attractive       
combination. Lifetree has, in the relatively short span of its existence, built 
an organization with high penetration in emerging markets with both top and     
bottom-line growth. We are now looking for inorganic options to generate further
economies of scale and an opportunity to leverage our strong mind share and IP. 
We believe this transaction will immensely benefit all stakeholders, including  
existing and future customers, who will now gain the benefit of our             
complementary value proposition”.                                               

The closing of the transaction is subject to certain approvals at the Tecnomen  
shareholders' meeting and is subject to standard regulatory and statutory       
approvals. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of March 2009.
Upon completion of the transaction, Lifetree will become a subsidiary of        
Tecnomen. Also prior to closure, a proposal to rename the company as “Tecnomen  
Lifetree” will be put forth for shareholders' approval. In connection with the  
listing of new shares, Tecnomen will publish a prospectus.                      

Tecnomen and Lifetree will hold a press conference at 13:00pm on December 15,   
2008, in the Pavillion conference room at the Scandic Simonkenttä, in Helsinki. 
The material presented at the press conference will be available at             
www.tecnomen.com and www.lifetreeindia.com.                                     

Appendix: Presentation about the transaction                                    

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Board of Directors                                                              

FURTHER INFORMATION                                                             
Lauri Ratia, Chairman of the Board of Tecnomen, at tel. +358 50 2922            
Jarmo Niemi, CEO of Tecnomen, at tel. +358 9 8047 8799                          

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About Tecnomen                                                                  
Tecnomen, founded in 1978, is one of the leading suppliers of messaging and     
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About Lifetree Convergence Limited                                              
Lifetree is a Telecommunications-focused technology product company. It is a    
provider of Operational Support Systems (OSS) and Business Support Systems (BSS)
software and also offers Content Management and Delivery platforms. The company,
which focuses on emerging economies such as Africa, the Middle East, and the    
Asia-Pacific region, has more than 40 installations worldwide. Headquartered in 
New Delhi, India, Lifetree has around 400 employees. For more information on    
Lifetree, visit www.lifetreeindia.com.                                          

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IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, creates opportunity for people to escape 
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