In partnership with Tecnotree, Mattel launches Ringback Tone service in Mauritania

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September 28th, 2011 at 10.00 am


Mattel, a joint venture of Tunisie Telecom group and private Mauritanian investors, has successfully launched Ringback Tone service in Mauritania. Today’s announcement marks a first in Mauritania, allowing mobile subscribers in Mattel’s network to replace the ring tone played for the calling party with a latest music hit, sound clip or other personalised media.

The service is based on Tecnotree’s Ringback Tone product, which is part of the broader range of call completion solutions available in the Tecnotree AgilityTM product suite. These solutions are designed to boost customer lifetime value by maximising the business opportunity around voice with appealing, innovative and complementary messaging solutions.

Tecnotree’s Ringback Tone product can be personalised by the subscriber. For example, the tone can be set to be different for different callers, it may vary depending on the time of the day and it may be different for special occasions. Subscribers can easily manage the ring back tones themselves using simple text messages or an interactive voice response. With this newly launched mobile service Mattel can now offer its subscribers a fun and highly personalised voice experience.

“Mattel is facing an increasingly competitive environment in Mauritania. We are highly motivated to reduce our operational expenses as well as improve our ability to quickly develop and launch new services in response to dynamic market conditions. We achieve these goals by deploying new technologies from Tecnotree. The successful long term cooperation with Tecnotree and the importance of Value-Added Services to differentiate ourselves as well as to tap into new, long-lasting revenue sources, encouraged us to intensify our relationship with Tecnotree into a more solid partnership.” says Stephane Blanc, Chief Marketing Officer, Mattel.

Tecnotree Managing Director, Middle East and North Africa, Kaius Kotkas adds: “Launching ring back tones with Mattel is an example of latent voice revenue potential we help our service provider customers unlock. Our aim at Tecnotree is to help operators like Mattel to boost customer lifetime value and establish themselves as leaders in their respective markets.”


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Stephane Blanc, Chief Marketing Officer


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La Mauritano-Tunisienne De Telecommunications SA, also known as MATTEL, is a Global System Mobile (GSM) operator. The company offers pre-paid, post-paid, and roaming GSM services. La Mauritano-Tunisienne De Telecommunications SA was founded in 2000 and is based in Nouakchott, Mauritania. La Mauritano-Tunisienne De Telecommunications SA is a joint-venture of Tunisie Telecom Group, which is a subsidiary of Emirates International Telecommunications LLC (EIT). For more information on Mattel visit

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