Tecnotree Corporation                     PRESS RELEASE                         
                                          26 April 2010 at 8.30 am              

UNIFIED MESSAGING PLATFORM IN MAURITIUS                                         

Tecnotree, one of the leading providers of VAS and BSS/OSS platforms, is pleased
to announce the successful implementation of its cutting edge Convergent        
Charging and Billing platform (CCB) and Unified Messaging platform (UM) at      
Emtel, Mauritius. This is yet another milestone for Tecnotree in its quest to be
the ‘partner of choice' for the Communication Service Providers.                

Emtel pioneered the roll out of 3G services in Africa, and now with Tecnotree's 
CCB platform, it will become the first service provider in Indian Ocean to      
enable its subscribers to maintain hybrid accounts. As ‘hybrid subscriber', the 
services registered for can be configured to be charged on either prepaid or    
post-paid modes. Another unique feature on offer is the ‘user-payer' paradigm   
which successfully separates the user of the services from the payer of the     
services. With these competitive and innovative features, the CCB platform -    
J@nusTM - will contribute in empowering Emtel to revolutionize its customer     
experience and re-inforce its image as a provider of pioneering services in the 

The UM platform integrates various communication channels such as e-mail, SMS,  
Fax, Voicemail, Video Messaging, etc, into a single interface from where it can 
be accessed by a variety of devices. The UM platform is designed to improve     
productivity by minimizing communication issues. Individual and Corporate       
subscribers of Emtel will be able to leverage this platform to create seamless  
communication channels by incorporating this platform to their existing IT      
infrastructure like CRM, ERP, Mail Servers etc.                                 

“Emtel is striving to roll-out these next generation services and solutions to  
its subscribers and we are sure that our customers will appreciate the value    
that we are offering. This is just the beginning! Emtel firmly believes that, as
we integrate ITIL processes at every level of our service with the help of      
latest technology, we can deliver more services faster, and in a cost-efficient 
manner. This would, in turn, provide an unmatched customer experience and allow 
us to cement long-term relationships with our customers”, said Mr. Shyam Roy,   
CEO, Emtel Ltd.                                                                 

Atul Chopra, COO & President, Tecnotree said, “The trust and co-operation       
extended by Emtel helped immensely in the operations going live within the      
planned deadlines. We are quite confident that our next-generation CCB and UM   
platforms will help Emtel to optimise monetisation of its network, enhance      
customer experience and stay ahead of competition.”                             

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Eero Mertano, President and CEO, tel. +358 50 535 4970                          

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Tecnotree, founded in 1978, is one of the leading suppliers of  Business and    
Operations Support Systems (BSS/OSS) and Value Added Services (VAS) for telecom 
operators worldwide. Tecnotree markets and sells its products and services      
through its own organisation, as well as through global and local partners, and 
has supplied its products to more than 120 customers around the world.          
Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Tecnotree has about 800 employees working in 20
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About Emtel                                                                     
On the 29th of May 1989 - Emtel Ltd became the first mobile telephony operation 
in the whole Southern Hemisphere. During the last 20 years, Emtel has managed to
sustain its drive for innovation, and, today, the Emtel brand is literally the  
synonym for technology, innovation and high quality. Emtel, Mauritius, started  
as the sole mobile operator for the whole of Mauritius and today offers a wide  
range of competitive services such as GSM, International long distance and 3G   
services to its rapidly growing subscriber base. For more information about     
Emtel, please visit www.emtel-ltd.com

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