Tecnomen Corporation                    PRESS RELEASE    8.2.2007


Wataniya Telecom, Kuwait's Red Carpet Co. has awarded a contract to Tecnomen to
replace its existing voice mail system in Kuwait with the Tecnomen Next
Generation Messaging (NGM) System. Wataniya will use the Tecnomen NGM system to
improve its voice mail user experience for subscribers, encouraging greater
uptake rates and higher usage. Video Mail for users with 3G handsets will also be
provided from the same platform.  Introduction of these messaging services and
the possibility of fast deployment of future services from the same open-
standards based platform will increase profits as well as reduce operative

"It's part of our Red Carpet philosophy to enhance customers services'
experience. With the Next Generation Messaging System, we are confident that our
customers will have the exclusivity of enjoying the new age of messaging
services. With Tecnomen solutions up and running Wataniya can guarantee its
customers more of promising services up to their expectations", said Harri
Koponen, GM & CEO, Wataniya Telecom.

"This selection by Wataniya, strengthens Tecnomen's position as a leading
supplier of next generation messaging solutions in the GCC and displays our
ability to deliver innovative, scalable and multipurpose messaging systems. In
addition this contract highlights our flexibility in regards to seamless
replacement of existing messaging systems. Our objective is to help Wataniya
Telecom maximise their service revenues with focused and segmented services" says
Mr Kaius Kotkas, Sales Manager, Tecnomen Middle East & Africa.

"Tecnomen is very proud to be chosen as Wataniya vendor for next generation
messaging. As a technology frontrunner, Wataniya consistently makes industry-
leading and future-proof decisions. This is the latest in a number of Tecnomen
NGM contracts to the region, further illustrating the fact that operators favor
the technology and reap benefits from the capital and operational expenditure
savings" notes Mr. Matias Sillanpää, Managing Director, Tecnomen Middle East &

The Tecnomen Next Generation Messaging solution includes the most advanced
technologies on the market for meeting the needs of mobile subscribers today and
tomorrow. Operators and service providers can use the Tecnomen Messaging solution
to create service packages tailored for their individual requirements, and thus
provide their customers with the advanced added-value services required to
succeed in today's competitive market.

Mr Matias Sillanpää, Managing Director, Tecnomen Middle East,
tel. +971 4 88 38 268 matias.sillanpaa@tecnomen.com
Mr Miika Reinikka, Vice President, Messaging, Tecnomen Corp.
tel. +358 40 551 7759, miika.reinikka@tecnomen.com

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About Tecnomen
Tecnomen develops messaging and charging solutions for telecoms operators and
service providers worldwide. Founded in 1978, it is one of the leading suppliers
of messaging and charging solutions. Tecnomen markets its products and services
through its own worldwide organisation, as well as through global and local
partners, and has supplied its products to customers in over 60 countries.
Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Tecnomen has 370 employees working in 14
locations. The company's shares are quoted on the Main List of the Helsinki Stock
Exchanges. For more information on Tecnomen visit www.tecnomen.com.

About Wataniya Telecom
Commercially launched in December 1999, Wataniya Telecom is part of Kuwait
Projects Company (KIPCO), and has been a driving force in increasing the mobile
communications market in Kuwait to more than 93per cent of the population.
Wataniya Telecom is actively expanding its presence in the region serving more
than 8.8 million customers in countries with a combined total population
exceeding 92 million.

Wataniya Telecom has operations in Kuwait, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, the Maldives,
and Saudi Arabia and Palestine. The company provides a wide range of leading-edge
wireless voice and data services, delivered with high quality, designed to cater
to the demand of today's discerning customer.

For media inquiries please contact:
Rima Termos
Mobile: +965 6368638
E-mail: rtermos@wataniya.com

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