Tecnomen has received a Next Generation Messaging order from Swisscom AG, and in
addition has entered into a strategic partnership with the company. The delivery
includes an upgrade to Swisscom's existing Voice Mail system that will both     
replace current call completion services as well as converge fixed and mobile   
customers onto a single platform. The deployment also includes the Tecnomen     
Telco Server, Media Gateway that provides connection to Next Generation         
Networks. The open standards basis of the NGM solution also enables Swisscom to 
connect its own applications to the Tecnomen platform, achieving significant    
consolidation benefits within Swisscoms's value added services environment.     

In addition, Swisscom and Tecnomen have entered into a strategic partnership for
developing future call completion services for Swisscom's customers.            

“Swisscom is facing an increasingly competitive environment in Switzerland. We  
are highly motivated to reduce our operational expenses as well as improve our  
ability to quickly develop and launch new services in response to dynamic market
conditions. We achieve these goals by investing in Tecnomen's NGM Platform. The 
successful long term cooperation with Tecnomen and the importance of call       
completion services encouraged us to intensify our relationship with Tecnomen   
into a more solid partnership.” says Markus Doetsch, Head of Product IT,        
Swisscom AG.                                                                    

The success of Tecnomen's strategy of providing open solutions to operators that
enable them to both consolidate and prepare their infrastructure for future     
value added services has been proven by recent NGM and Telco Server deployments 
to operators worldwide. “This agreement with Swisscom is a significant milestone
for us. It benefits our customers and ourselves to ensure further innovative    
development of services and platforms.” says Miika Reinikka, VP Messaging in    

TECNOMEN CORPORATION                                                            

Jarmo Niemi                                                                     
President and CEO                                                               

FURTHER INFORMATION                                                             
Kai Honetschläger, Area Director, Europe, tel. +358 40 821 7799                 

OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki Oy                                                 
Principal Media                                                                 

About Tecnomen                                                                  
Tecnomen develops carrier-grade Messaging and Charging systems for telecoms     
operators and service providers worldwide. Founded in 1978, it is one of the    
leading suppliers of messaging solutions and has a strong market position in    
prepaid systems. Tecnomen markets its products and services through its own     
worldwide organisation, as well as through global and local partners, and has   
supplied its products to customers in over 60 countries. Headquartered in Espoo,
Finland, Tecnomen has 350 employees working in 14 locations. Tecnomen is listed 
on OMX Nordic Exchange in Helsinki. For more information on Tecnomen visit      

About Swisscom                                                                  
Swisscom is Switzerland's leading telecoms provider, with almost 4.9 million    
mobile customers, around 5.25 million fixed lines and almost 1.6 million        
broadband connections. In the first three quarters of 2007, the company's 19,658
employees (full time equivalents) generated revenues of CHF 8.1 billion. Around 
850 young people complete an apprenticeship at Swisscom in the fields of IT,    
telematics, mediamatics, retailing and commerce                                 

Swisscom has a presence throughout Switzerland and offers a full range of       
products and services for mobile, landline and IP-based voice and data          
communication. Massive investments in network infrastructure ensure that this   
will remain the case in the future. Swisscom is active in one of the most       
attractive broadband markets in Europe via the Italian provider Fastweb.        
Swisscom also offers services for IT infrastructure outsourcing as well as the  
management of communications infrastructures.                                   

Swisscom fosters close ties with its target groups - shareholders, employees,   
suppliers, the public and, above all, its customers. Swisscom offers them       
Everything they need                                                            
Simple, one-stop solutions                                                      
Unbeatable quality and service                                                  
With initiatives such as Swisscom Help Point and Internet for Schools, Swisscom 
is helping to shape the information society in Switzerland. Swisscom also       
supports Switzerland's national football teams, the Swiss-Ski teams and the 2008
European Football Championship.

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