Resolutions passed by the Annual General Meeting of Tecnotree Corporation

Tecnotree Corporation
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14 April 2015 at 4.45pm EEST

The Annual General Meeting of Tecnotree Corporation held on 14 April 2015 confirmed the financial statements and the consolidated financial statements for the financial year 2014 and discharged the Board of Directors and the CEO from liability for the year 2014. The Annual General Meeting resolved in accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors that no dividend is paid for the year 2014, and that the cumulative loss of the company, EUR 5,505,421.98 (taking in account the loss of the financial year amounting to EUR 5,519,009.82) is covered by non-restricted equity reserves to an amount of EUR 2,131,259.02 and that the remaining loss of EUR 3,374,162.96 is covered by a reduction of the share capital.

The Annual General Meeting confirmed that the Board of Directors will consist of four members. Pentti Heikkinen, Harri Koponen and Christer Sumelius were re-elected as Board members and Matti Jaakola was elected as a new member of the Board. The Board members were elected for a period of office expiring at the end of the first Annual General Meeting following the election.

The Annual General Meeting resolved that annual fee to the chairman of the Board of Directors will be EUR 50,000, the annual fee of the vice chairman of the Board will be EUR 30,000 and the annual fee of the members of the Board of Directors will be EUR 23,000. In addition it was decided that a compensation of EUR 800 for the chairman and EUR 500 for a member of the Board of Directors be paid for attendance at Board and Committee meetings.

KPMG Oy Ab, Authorised Public Accountants, will continue as the company's auditor until the end of the following Annual General Meeting. The principal auditor appointed by them is Mr. Toni Aaltonen, Authorized Public Accountant. The auditor’s fees are paid according to invoice.

The Annual General Meeting authorized the Board of Directors in accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors to decide to issue and/or to convey a maximum of 100,000,000 new shares and/or the company’s own shares either against payment or for free. New shares may be issued and the company’s own shares may be conveyed to the company’s shareholders in proportion to their current shareholdings in the company or waiving the shareholder’s pre-emption right, through a directed share issue if the company has a weighty financial reason to do so. The Board of Directors may also decide on a free share issue to the company itself.

The Board of Directors is, within the limits of the authorization, authorized to grant special rights referred to in Chapter 10, Section 1 of the Companies Act, which carry the right to receive, against payment, new shares of the company or the company’s own shares held by the company in such a manner that the subscription price of the shares is paid in cash or by using the subscriber’s receivable to set off the subscription price. The Board of Directors shall decide on other terms and conditions related to the share issues and granting of the special rights. The said authorisations will be valid for one year from the decision of the Annual General Meeting.

In the organizing meeting of the Board of Directors following the Annual General Meeting, Harri Koponen was elected as Chairman and Pentti Heikkinen as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. No committees were founded by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has assessed the Board members’ independence in compliance with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code’s recommendations. Based on the assessment, all Board members are independent of the company and its major shareholders.


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