Corporate Governance


Group structure

Tecnotree Corporation is a Finnish Public Limited Company. The responsibilities and obligations of the Corporate management are based on the Finnish legislation. Tecnotree Group comprises Tecnotree Corporation and its subsidiaries. The company is registered and domiciled in Espoo Finland.

Ultimate responsibility for the Group’s administration and operations lies with Tecnotree's statutory governing bodies, namely the General Meeting convened by shareholders, the Board of Directors, and Chief Executive Officer. The CEO is assisted by the Group’s Management Board.

Corporate management consists of the CEO, the members of the Management Board, and the managers and experts responsible for other corporate management duties.

The Group’s parent company Tecnotree Corporation is responsible for the Group’s administration, strategic planning, finance, financing and investor relations, and provides corporate services for the operational business units.

Applied laws and regulations

Tecnotree Corporation abides by the Finnish Corporate Governance Code for companies listed on the NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd. This statement has been prepared separately from the Report of the Board of Directors and in accordance with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2010. The Finnish Corporate Code 2010 and a new Corporate Governance Code 2015, effect date 1 January 2016, can be found at and this statement at Tecnotree’s web site

Further, the company complies with the insider regulations of the NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd.