Discover key opportunities and recommendations for CSPs outlined in this report: 

  • Explore how the operating model significantly impacts CSPs' operations. 

  • Understand the challenges CSPs face in prioritizing operating model transformation, including structural changes like netco-servco, operating as a techco, hyper-automation, platforms, scaling AI, and agile delivery models. 

  • Learn how CSP CIOs prioritize automation for economic efficiency, foster an agile culture beyond IT, and focus on risk and governance to scale AI implementation. 

  • Prioritize projects and initiatives with the greatest impact on efficiency and organizational goals for 2024. 

  • Reduce impediments to strategic projects by gaining clarity on initiatives like the techco model and the organization's AI and risk management policies. 

  • Learn how CSP CIOs prioritize automation to boost efficiency and optimize costs in digital transformation efforts, despite limited technology budgets. 

Gartner® Report on Top CSP Technology Trends for 2024: Operating Model and Efficiency 

By 2028, automation, augmented intelligence, and delayering will render 70% of the technical skills currently held by the CSP workforce outdated. According to survey data from Gartner, more than 50% of CSP CIOs want to automate 70% of operations by 2024, with network and business process automation being the primary focus. Driven by various factors, 2024 is expected to be a significant year for the adoption of automation in the CSP operating sector. 

Changes in the enterprise operating model and efficiency are a top priority for CSP CIOs, clearly seen in trends like automation, becoming techcos, scaling agile beyond IT, and being prepared for further advancement in AI. As CSPs progress towards automation for operational transformation, they ought to adopt a centralised strategy focussed on business results. This strategic choice results in significant cost savings and improves service reliability, particularly in the areas of network optimisation, customer support, and business processes. Read this Gartner report on ‘Top CSP Technology Trends for 2024: Operating Model and Efficiency’, to examine how CIOs should shape their technology strategies using trends that have a direct impact on operations. 

Gartner, Top CSP Technology Trends for 2024: Operating Model and Efficiency 7 March 2024, Amresh Nandan Et Al.
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