Dear friends,

Each for Equal is a very appropriate and powerful message for both women and men in our society of the 21st century, where instant gratification is propelled by the high-speed internet, intense automation and ubiquitous access to information. Where success is no longer measured by one's physical abilities or wealth but by one's capability to innovate and create new experiences that are unique and can touch and empower the lives of others. Hence, in this digital age, physical attributes of gender converge are no longer relevant but what truly matters is the intelligence and ability to create and innovate.

At Tecnotree, as a global company our goal has always been to empower women in technology and ensure gender parity across the organization. It has been our constant endeavor to invest in talented young women and guide them towards a career path to leadership. The fact that 37% of the Tecnotree management board today consists of women is a testament to our strong commitment to this front. We also believe that the company benefits tremendously from this diverse and global talent pool.

Today, the theme Each for Equal reinstates our belief that we must strive to work together in championing a more inclusive workplace. Starting today, let us look within, break the glass barriers and identify if we are harboring any prejudice or biases at our workplace and work towards rectifying them. Engaged and empowered employees in a workplace can bring about astounding results and unstoppable performance, but require the commitment of the entire organization to work as one team, with mutual respect and reciprocity.

With the core belief that we are making strong progress towards gender parity, I would like to thank all the women in our customer organizations, in our partner communities and my colleagues at Tecnotree who have been inspiring me and working along with me towards creating an inclusive and high-performance workplace where diversity means winning together.

Let every day of our lives be a reason for celebration, an opportunity to strive to be our very best and an occasion to create a world of empowered communities of Each for Equal!

FOR Winning FOR Women

Padma Ravichander

Chief Executive Officer

Tecnotree Corporation