Tecnotree enters into a landmark USD 30.5 million deal in Latin America

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December 20th, 2011 at 9.45 am EET

Tecnotree has agreed on a delivery project covering a convergent billing and customer management solution to serve three country operations of an operator group in Latin America. The solution shall be deployed for fixed and mobile networks, and encompasses convergent billing, customer management, product catalogue and order management solutions. In addition, Tecnotree shall deliver professional services to ensure smooth implementation and integration to existing network operations and business support systems.

Leading communications service providers are shifting from legacy systems serving separate business silos – such as mobile, fixed line, internet broadband, WiMAX – towards convergent, unified business solutions serving all lines of business. An integrated solution provides tools to create service bundles for every taste and react rapidly to changing market needs.

“This deal marks a significant milestone. By replacing in-house developed billing and customer management systems with Tecnotree’s solution, our customer can achieve significant cost savings and drive new revenues. Operations in all three countries shall have a single view to all their sellable products and services, and have the ability to create service bundles to meet demand from different customer segments. Our customer can now become a dynamic digital marketplace of all communications and content services.” explains Mr Timo Laaksonen, Chief Commercial Officer of Tecnotree.

Mr Kaj Hagros, President and CEO of Tecnotree continues: “This engagement is a great endorsement to Tecnotree’s strategy to power digital marketplaces. We are honored to have won the trust of a major operator group to implement a modern, convergent business support system that will serve  a large customer base. This is a landmark deal to Tecnotree and positions us for future growth. The deliveries will span across 2012-2013 and thus the  guidance concerning the net sales and the operating result of 2011  is unaffected.”

Kaj Hagros
President and CEO

Kaj Hagros, President and CEO, tel. +358 40 8491749 

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