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Tecnotree Agility™ Reachability Express

Maximise the reach of your socially connected customers.

Introducing social media as a notification channel, Reachability Express increases the reachability of all your subscribers, including the generations communicating only over social networks.

Simple segmentation database.

Reachability Express includes a subscriber database to which you define the target groups for services. As an example, subscribers belonging to a general group could receive notifications over text messages whereas interaction with a youth group would be through social media. Additionally, notifications for contacts belonging to a small businesses group would be delivered over email.

Powerful social media API.

In addition to the standard notification channels such as text messages, multimedia messages, and  email, Reachability Express incorporates a flexible Social Media API. Besides the out-of-the-box pre-integration with WhatsApp, the API can be used to meet the local and regional requirements (e.g. integration with WeChat, Line, GoogleChat or RCSe).

Easily expandable.

To meet your changing market requirements and seize new business opportunities, you may soon face the need to expand your call completion services portfolio. It is very easy to expand Reachability Express with other Tecnotree services such as Notify Me, Dynamic Voicemail, Visual Voicemail and complimentary IVR services.

Reach the socially connected Millennials.

The young generation are hard to reach and they prefer non-conventional communication channels. Reachability Express’ built in support for social media in conjunction with your social media partnerships can help you attract these subscribers. Furthermore, you could extend your partnerships to include co-marketing and real-time content activities.

Double the top line contribution of call completion services.

Recent case studies show how service providers have doubled their top line contribution with personalised and targeted call completion bundles. Reachability Express comes with segmentation and social media capabilities that help you tailor the customer experience and accelerate the return on your call completion investment.

Minimise operational and maintenance costs.

Reachability Express is a highly cost efficient solution, which can reduce your operational costs by 30% compared to your legacy system. These savings are achieved through simplification of services, simpler configuration and provisioning of segmented services, and through online reporting.

Choose the Tecnotree solution.

Reachability Express is part of the Tecnotree Agility™ Suite, which offers a full complement of products and solutions that meet the needs of leading communications service providers. Tecnotree offers you a number of choices for delivery; we can deploy complete solutions as integrated systems or standalone products in phases. In addition, Tecnotree can offer both a SaaS and Managed Services approach.

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