Offer bundling

Tecnotree Agility™ Unified Product Catalogue

Power your product marketing with a business savvy view to your catalogue.

Feature-rich yet powerful, Unified Product Catalogue draws a complete view of your product portfolio. With Unified Product Catalogue you can easily create service bundles and targeted offerings.

Seamless integration of existing products with new services.

Thanks to Unified Product Catalogue's flexible and easily expandable architecture you can add new services and maintain a complete view to your product portfolio.

Easy bundle creation.

With Unified Product Catalogue you can create service packages from defined products and reuse your bundles to launch competitive offerings.

Consumer friendly view.

Your subscribers value the possibility to personalise their service set. Unified Product Catalogue makes this possible with a branded and intuitive web experience.

Reuse your existing services.

Your subscribers are accustomed to using your existing offering. With Unified Product Catalogue, you can create new service bundles from your current services and launch the bundles in the future.

Simplify product portfolio management.

Just like your competition, you without doubt offer services from numerous business lines; mobile, broadband, and pay-tv to name a few. Unified Product Catalogue helps you to manage the lifecycle of individual services and make business decisions regarding your offering to meet the needs of your customers.

Ensure compatibility with future services.

Content, applications, and services emerging in the Internet are rapidly changing your opportunities. Unified Product Catalogue is a cost-efficient tool to keep up with the quick pace and to help you launch bundles fast.

Choose the Tecnotree solution.

Unified Product Catalogue is part of the Tecnotree Agility™ Suite, which offers a full complement of products and solutions that meet the needs of leading communications service providers. With Tecnotree you have a number of flexible choices; you can deploy in-house complete integrated systems or standalone products in phases. In addition, Tecnotree can offer both a SaaS and Managed Services approach.

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