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True digital disruption: Why CSPs must adopt a change in mindset MAY 2016

Digital disruption could be defined as the change that occurs when new digital technologies, customer engagement and business models exponentially improve the value proposition of existing goods and services while reducing the costs of producing them.

Digital Disruption in the telecoms business

Digital disruption is nowadays a catch phase touted in many board rooms. It permeates all industries and changes many business ecosystems. What is it and how does it impact the communications services business?

How to execute Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is executed with more disruptive ways of combining new technologies with innovative business models creating exponentially greater value proposition than the existing goods and services provide.

Staying agile in an OTT world: Why operators are still slow off the mark in digital services, April 2016

Within five years, OTT service providers will expect to see a fivefold increase in their revenue, no doubt causing some anxiety within the boardrooms of many mobile operators.

Opinion: Why mobile operators are still slow off the mark in the digital service race, March 2016

The arrival of Facebook, Netflix and Square, among other content providers has changed our lives exponentially. Operators need to transform and up their game to become content service providers themselves.

2016’s key industry trends: IoT hype and big data disillusionment, December 2015

The past year has seen an increasing need for operators to adopt new methods, learn from their customers in the market, and provide an excellent customer experience globally.

By subscription only? Redefining consumer business models for CSPs, November 2015

In October I looked at subscription business models from an IoT angle. This time around, let’s discuss subscriptions from a slightly different standpoint.

Using Small Data to Make Sense of Big Data, October 2015

The telecomunications industry, like any other industry, needs buzzwords and the current talk of the day is, of course, big data.

How can the IoT move to a subscription-only model? October 2015

Back in September I explored the possibilities of subscription-based business models in the CSP environment and hinted at some very large future opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

By subscription only: The future of traditional telecoms services? September 2015

Among the sweeping changes taking place within the telecommunications industry, the popularity of subscription based business models seems to consistently resonate as one of the top concerns for all involved.

Leading cross-industry business transformation through the IoT, July 2015

The Internet of Things (IoT) – or the Internet of Everything as it has also been dubbed – is one of the most discussed topics in the telecoms industry today.

Telecoms customer experience management: Simplifying the path to digital customer experience, May 2015

The speed at which we embrace digital life is increasing and communication service providers (CSPs) are facing a growing number of new challenges from traditional competition and OTT alike.

The Rise of the Semi-Connected Consumer, May 2015

The nearly ubiquitous Wi-Fi availability increase in the western world has had a huge impact on the success of OTT service providers, many of whom have been instrumental in shaping the digital needs and expectations of customers.

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